Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to my love, John David!

On January 11, 2003 John and I entered into our marital covenant to one another. It was a glorious day. I wish we could do it again! I thought I would be nervous, but I was surprised at how much fun I had.

And we were so blessed! Weddings can be insanely expensive and with John and I both in seminary, well, money was just not something we had. But the Lord blessed us with so many sweet and talented friends that gifted us their skills for that day.

My friends Debbie C, Debbie G and Jayna were amazing in decorating and providing food for the reception. Debbie G, being the type A personality that I am, was my wedding "coordinator" because I knew she would get people where they needed to be at the right time. Mrs. Judy provided our wedding and grooms cakes and they were exquisite. Our friends Jonathan, David and Jessica provided first class music with piano, violin and cello. Mr. Jack who played our Bebo love song. Our church had just built a brand new building and we were the second couple to get married was so beautiful we didn't even need to decorate much!

And our wedding party.....we were so honored to have them there to celebrate with us. My girls...Stacey, Julie, Heather, Allison, Kendra, and Robin. John's boys....Justice, Kevin, David, Daniel, Daniel F and Michael. Our pastors, Taz and Elliot. Our flower girls Kelley, Haley and Hannah. Our parents and grandparents.....oh, it was so great to have everyone there!
And to my husband John....I have enjoyed these past 6 years with you more than you know! May the Lord bless us with many more years for His glory and our benefit.

In a quick effort to share a piece of our day with you, I snapped some pictures straight out of our wedding album, so they're not the best quality, but these are some of my favorites.

I am about to walk down the aisle here and I am thinking, "Come on! I don't have time for pictures! I've got to go get married!"

Our beautiful church

Woohoo, we're married!

This was a funny part that we had planned for our exit. I always wanted to leave with bubbles floating all around, but so many had done this and we wanted to be a little different. So we planned with our photographer to act like we were leaving and run through the bubbles to our car. Then he would pretend like his camera malfunctioned and he needed us to do it again to get the shot. But on the second time around, John and I had silly string and we sprayed everyone with it as a surprise. And boy were they surprised! (And we got a picture of the silly string too!)

And then the happy couple, off to the honeymoon in Durango, Colorado and a life full of bliss!

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

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Colored With Memories said...

happy anniversary you guys! looks like it was a great day. i'd love to see the silly string shot!

that church is gorgeous...which one is it?