Monday, January 19, 2009

NEW Music Monday and lots of other NEW stuff

There are so many NEW things to report on our homefront. Where do I begin?

How about....I've given our boys new blogger names. Just using their initials can get a little confusing, even for me, so I thought I would share our personal nicknames for them and use them here instead.

So here's our Burrito:

Burrito got his name because it rhymes with another nickname we use for him and now John usually shortens the longer nickname to just "Burrito." I think it's very cute!

And he's dressed in western wear because Friday was Western Day at school. I think he pulled off the cowboy look even without boots, don't you?

And here's our Noodle:

Noodle got his name because that is what he has felt like since birth. He always just goes limp when you wrestle with him or hold him just like a wet noodle.

So from here on out we have Burrito and Noodle! :)

And what do Burrito and Noodle like to work on when in their rooms? Is it an art project? Is it picking up their toys? Is it a puzzle? Nope, this is what their hard work looks like!

If only they would channel that intense concentration when say....eating dinner, taking a bath, or picking up their rooms!

And another first....believe it or not, this is the first fire we've had in our fireplace since moving here a year and a half ago. And Burrito confirmed my reason for not having a fire before now....his intense fascination with it and lack of self control in not refraining from touching things he shouldn't. Of course, Noodle hardly even noticed that there was a fire in the fireplace. It really did a nice job of warming up at least our living room and it just makes you feel so cozy! We even enjoyed a mean game of Go Fish next to the fire.


Jacquelyn said...

I'm catching up on what's going on with you--just got my online connection set up two days ago. My favorite Waterdeep song is "Everyone's Beautiful."

Jennifer Rutherford said...

I am always so excited when people know Waterdeep!