Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my little nurturer

sometimes i totally appreciate noodle's sensitivity and other times, it can be quite frustrating. he is such a lover and loves his momma. in fact, for maybe the first two years of his life, he would call john mommy instead of daddy. john would say, "no, noodle i am daddy." and noodle would respond "mommy," without hesitation. and i am pretty sure he is the cause of my very unusual hernia, as he always wanted me to "hold you mommy."

i am thankful to God though for giving me two very different children. i missed out on the snuggling with burrito but noodle has more than made up for it! and it has made me appreciate burrito's independence a little more.

since we were iced in today, it gave me yet another opportunity to notice the differences in my two boys. burrito was most content ramming his hotwheels into each other or into my walls or into my furniture. and then there was noodle. he was wrapping up his little dalmation puppy in a blanket and pushing him around in the shopping cart and rocking him to sleep. it was very sweet but at the same time, i am wondering, "okay, i am glad he is a nurturer and will one day be a really great daddy, but he's a boy, so should i be concerned about this behavior or discourage it in any way?"

and so in watching him i decided to appreciate his sensitivity and loving nature. it really is sweet. and noodle loves babies so for him to role play this at home should not be a surprise. and my decision was confirmed tonight.

after tucking him into bed, he of course, made an excuse to get up by saying he could not find his puppy's blanket. so i went back into his room to help him find the blanket and i tried to help him cover his puppy up, to which he matter of factly said,

"mom, i can do it myself. i am his daddy."

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Emily said...

How sweet. I have two just like that. Claire is so sensitive and such a cuddler. Allie is fiercly independent and does not give out kisses and hugs freely. Kevin and I were talking today about how different they are and how we wouldn't trade it for the world. And if it makes you feel any better, my husband grew up with 3 girls and he was the sweetest, most sensitive, cuddly little boy and grew up to be the exact same way as an adult and I consider my self the luckiest girl in the world to be married to him. He's still very manly, just sweet when it counts!