Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thoughts on the Inauguration and Other Random Stuff

I had the television on yesterday morning with the news of the presidential inauguration. It was on as we were going about our morning routine and every now and then we would stop to watch. I wanted to take the opportunity at breakfast to teach the boys about the historical significance of the day. So before we prayed for our food I explained to them that we were getting a new president today and it was very important for us to pray that God would give him wisdom as the leader of our country. The boys took great pride in praying for something new. It was sweet to hear their innocent prayers.

Well, the day goes on and we are actually at WalMart buying groceries when Obama is sworn in. So we stopped, along with all of the WalMart employees, to witness this historic event. And when I say historic, I am mainly referencing the transfer of power from one president to another. While I understand the whole election and inauguration meant something more on a deeper level to a lot of African Americans, I think for everyone it should seem historical and significant in the sense that there are a whole lot of countries that do not have a peaceful transfer of power.

The boys parked themselves right in the floor to watch. It was cute to see their fascination with the event.

So on our way home, Burrito exclaims that he wishes "Bawack Obwama" was his daddy. Oh dear.

So I asked him, "Burrito, why do you want Obama to be your daddy?"

And Burrito replied, "Because he's so nice!"

"Really? Now when did you meet Obama?"

And of course his response was one we hear quite often, "When I was a baby!"

And admittedly, my little defense shields went up when I heard him speak so highly of Obama. I think a part of me wanted to say, "Honey, while you admire Obama with childlike innocence, trust me, your daddy is a way better man than Obama."

And I think a lot of Christians have done a poor job in speaking of the new president. While Obama was not my choice for president, I am not going to speak of our new leader in a derogatory way. I just don't think Christ would.

Or hide my head in the sand and pretend he is not president.

I think as Christians we are to pray with fervor for him as he leads our country. While I do not deny his influence, I also remember that God is a lot bigger than a president. And maybe, in God's sovereignty, his position as president will lead to his salvation.

This is not my political rant, because I am really not that political. And I don't really like to rant. These were just my thoughts in speaking with my children yesterday. I don't want to tell them that I think our president is an evil man. I would rather teach them to pray for him as leader of our nation. And maybe those should be our thoughts too!


And a few Noodle-isms for fun:

Noodle calls a porcupine a pokeypine. Makes sense, don't you think?

And a hyena, a hynena.

After dropping Burrito off at school, and after another difficult morning with my strong-willed Noodle, I felt I needed to have a conversation with him about his behavior.

"Noodle, I love you but I do not like your bad attitude this morning."

"I know. But it is gone!"

Hallelujah! If only I could believe it was gone and was never coming back!

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