Saturday, February 5, 2011

slowing down

one of the best things about the past 4 days of being iced in has been being able to slow down.  we're already not overly scheduled people by nature, but to slow down even more was a real gift.

the boys and i already loved to watch the birds who frequent our backyard feeder for a snack, but to be able to do so with snow falling down while we were in our jammies was a real treat.  we had a challenge over those few days to try and catch a cardinal out on our feeder and snap a few pics.  we saw several but by the time i had retrieved the camera, they had flown on.

until yesterday.  i finally got smart enough to leave the camera out by our backyard windows so we would be ready.  and first thing in the morning, we spotted a female cardinal, along with a host of bluejays, doves and squirrels!

one of the many bluejays
 the bluejay is still here but the female cardinal is at the top of the pic
 the bluejay gets spooked off by the dove and the cardinal joins him
 and this gluttonous squirrel was around all day too
 lo and behold, the long-awaited male cardinal
 the female and male together
 just love these guys!
we love our birds!

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