Friday, February 4, 2011

snow day part 4

if you had told me last weekend when it was 70 degrees outside that we were going to wake up to a snow and ice storm that would span at least four days, beginning on tuesday, i would not have believed you.  nope.  no way.

but that is exactly what happened.  john and i woke up at 3:45 tuesday morning to the sound of freezing rain and sleet pelting our two bedroom windows.  the mystery of whether or not we would have school and work that day was too much to allow us to return back to bed.  we watched in disbelief as the metroplex turned into a huge skating rink.  now we've had ice before.  that's not new.  what's new is the ice lasting more than a day or two, and certainly never four! 

the temperatures have been below freezing since early tuesday morning, thus creating the perfect conditions for some quite treacherous driving situations.  we had to venture out on thursday to retrieve more antibiotic and we were surprised at how icy the roads were even after two days.

last night, the local meteorologists were warning of more snow, but just predicting a light dusting for our area.  you can imagine my delight and surprise when we awoke to several inches of snow!  even though noodle is recovering from sickness and burrito now has whatever "it" is, we just couldn't resist the opportunity to play in some real snow and not just ice!

here are my little snow buddies

 here they are perfecting their snowball-making
 okay, now they're warming up for a big fight...
 the face-off
 and it begins!
 and of course, the big snow buddy had to get in on the action!
 i was a second too late in snapping the shot but john surprised noodle by hitting him with some snow
 and he hit him right in the face!  poor guy!
 but the fight continues...
 and noodle sneaks in for some retribution!
 i love that this man gets in on the action so i can snap some photos!
tomorrow will be the first day we've had temps above freezing so i'm not sure how long this pretty white stuff will last but it sure has been fun!

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