Saturday, February 19, 2011


i know i'm way behind but better late than never, right?

we had our own little superbowl party despite days of ice and snow and sick kids.  we went to sprouts and picked out a bunch of good snacky foods and we told the boys they could stay up late and watch the entire game if they would take a nap.  they happily obliged.
 we had lots of good food....burritos, pizza, guacamole, 5 layer dip, homemade salsa, chips and margaritas.  well, john and i had the margaritas.  the boys had milk and water.  can you guess who had what???  we spread out a blanket to have our own little picnic in the living room floor.
we had lots of fun cheering on the teams.  the boys were rooting for the packers so i decided to cheer for the steelers.  bad choice on my part, ha! we played a few games of uno.  and we ate and ate and ate.  we had a great time as a family!

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