Wednesday, February 9, 2011

kids say the funniest things

last week when we were iced/snowed in for four days, i took the opportunity (finally!) to do a little organization on the ol' blog.  in doing that, i took the time to read some old entries and was laughing out loud at some of the funny things the boys have said.

this one and this one and this one were some of my favorites!  and this may be my favorite of all time!

after laughing my head off, i was feeling a little sad because i was thinking we've sort of outgrown this stage of life.  well, i was wrong!

the other night when we were having our own little superbowl party (pictures to follow soon), we were playing several games of uno.  both noodle and burrito are pretty good game players and i don't have to prompt them very often to play the right number or color in the uno game.  we were enjoying playing all the draw 2, draw 4 and skip a turn cards on each other so when it came to noodle's turn, he played a skip card to skip john, though it was the wrong color.  when we explained he couldn't play that one, he said "why can't i play the nnntttt (insert a buzzer noise here, i'm not sure how to type that kind of sound!) card????"  we just died laughing!

here's what the new skip card looks like:
it sort of looks like a symbol that would indicate a "sorry that would be incorrect" sound of buzzer.

and then today at lunch, noodle had some yogurt on his shirt sleeve and john was instructing him to clean it up.  burrito chimes in and says, "noodle, just lick it off!"  i give him a stern look and explain that using a napkin would be a much better choice.  his reply:  "well, in the burrito club, you would just lick it off!"

the burrito club....ughhh.  i am definitely NOT a member!

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