Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Questions about God

Lately Burrito has been obsessed with whether people or things are taller than him. It's been interesting to see this relational learning.

Today in the car we were reviewing the story of Jonah that we read last night. I was reminding the boys that we cannot hide from God, that he sees us all the time. Well, of course, this led into 101 questions about can God see us here and can God see us there?

Burrito said, "God can see us right now in the car?"

"Yes, remember we cannot see God, but He always sees us."

"Is God taller than me?" The question of the week.

"Yes, Burrito, God is taller than you. He is bigger than everyone." This seemed like a good answer without getting too complicated.

"Can God drink margaritas?"

Oh my. How do you answer that one?!? John and I have told our boys that margaritas are for adults, so I think Burrito was really asking if God was an adult, this was just the way he knew to ask that question.

Parents night is tonight for T's school. I will post more tomorrow.


courtney jewett said...

they are just always full of questions, aren't they? i would love to do some family pics for you guys sometime.

whit was asking yesterday what circumstances allowed for divorce...seriously? so bizarre. they definitely keep you on your toes with their little (big!) questions.

courtney jewett said...

i would love to take family pics for you guys sometime.

whit asked yesterday about which circumstances allowed for divorce...seriously? they certainly keep you on your toes with their little (big!) questions, don't they?

courtney jewett said...

well, i commented twice since i couldn't see it! three times, now!

Colored With Memories said...

i love their inquiring minds! you could tell them what our pastor says about beer...or NOT!...according to him the only beer that is a sin is a light beer. that always makes me chuckle.