Friday, August 29, 2008

naked sundays

warning: my husband may not approve this post, but he is not currently here to consult, so i will take my chances

we have entered a new era in the rutherford household:
there are no secrets when you have kids

case in point: i had a doctor's appointment early this morning so john took burrito to school. noodle went with me and fortunately, all went well. so we ran some errands, got back home, i check my email and what is in my inbox? an email from burrito's teacher who has sent me well wishes because burrito has gone to school and told her that noodle and i were sick and going to the doctor. now, he didn't get the whole story correct (which leads to more worries, making public things that were meant to be private and embellishing the details). noodle was not sick, he was just forced to go along with me.

now, truth be told, nothing too private has been revealed. thank goodness. burrito did not know or hear the real reason for my doctor's appointment or that would have been made public as well. not that it is of much consequence, just not something i need his teacher to know.

it gets better...

since the boys were babies (and being only 18 months apart, i did have 2 babies at once) we have celebrated naked sundays. now before too many images pop into your head, let me clarify. naked sundays are really not naked. we just instituted this tradition when they were young, that after coming home from church on sundays, we would take off their clothes and they could eat, sleep and play in their diapers. we really created this tradition as a sneaky way of getting their church clothes off before eating, so that pizza sauce (pizza is our sunday lunch staple) would not ruin their clothes. well, now that they are older, it is more of an undies sort of day, which i totally love! there's just something about little boys running around in undies that i just can't get enough of!

now let me make sure i emphasize that john and i do not take part in this tradition, so don't get any ideas.

anyways, all that to say, we had to have a serious talk with burrito this past sunday, that naked sundays were not to be mentioned to Mrs. B because she would not fully understand the meaning behind those words, and who wants to have that conversation with their child's preK teacher???

so, who knows....Mrs. B may already know about naked sundays and we don't know it. i haven't received that email yet! and hopefully won't!

which begs the following conversation....well, in a sort of chasing rabbits sort of way....what traditions do you love?

this time of year, with the hint of fall and cooler weather and college football and harvest festivals and pumpkins, it just makes me relish and treasure traditions. i am sort of a sentimentalist. and the fall is my most favorite time of year, perhaps because it is the season for holidays and family. we have these 2 scarecrows we display on our front porch every year. our first scarecrow was purchased just prior to noodle's birth, and we named it sammy, sort of a neutral kind of name, though i think she should be a she, seeing how i am totally outnumbered in this house. last year, we purchased a friend for sammy, sebastian, to sort of celebrate/commemorate our first fall in our current home. this may sound silly to you, but doing these sorts of traditional things with kids is all the more fun.

i can't wait for september 1 because that is when our fall wreath will go on the front door, regardless of the temperature outside. and october 1, sammy and sebastian will grace our front porch for another year.

i love the fall.


Colored With Memories said...

you could change it to "undie Sundie" sounds cute and maybe is a little less shocking than naked?!?

lily is our little talker...there is no telling what that girl tells people. i don't even want to know!

fall is a favorite around here too. there is a great free pumpkin patch w/bounce houses etc that we look forward to each year.

i'm bad about decorating, but agree that all these little traditions are so much more fun with kids!

Jennifer Rutherford said...

I LOVE the undie Sundie name! We might just have to change it!