Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We've been busy...

Okay, so it's been like 5 days since I've posted on my blog. I get so mad when I go to check one of my favorite blogs and the blogger hasn't posted anything new. I mean, come on, your readers are waiting! Well, now I know why you can't blog something everyday. Too much stuff goes on!

But....I have been thinking a lot about my blog these past few days, being more purposeful in remembering things to write about and taking pictures! That's what I love the most about this blogging adventure of mine. It is making me (at least for the time being) enjoy and remember more moments in life.

So what's been going on with the Rutherfords you ask? In no particular order....drum roll please....
First and foremost, finishing our kitchen/dining room disaster. Remember my blog about removing wallpaper. Well, I think we finished with decent results except for one small accident...
Is that premature graying you ask? Well, not exactly....more like Behr "Gobi Desert" paint right in the hair!
Such a good sport about it! I think by this point we were just delirious from lack of sleep and paint fumes! So this is how we spent our Labor Day weekend.....working! But, we are happy with the finished product and as soon as everything is finished, I will post some pics of how it looks.
The boys and I needed a break from all that work yesterday so we headed out to one of my most favorite places on earth....the zoo! Some of my very earliest memories are those of my family at the zoo. We have this great tradition of taking our picture by the "picture tree" every year. The picture tree is this huge cottonwood tree that has been there forever! My parents have pictures of me and my sister by this tree when we were babies through our teenage years.
So, being the traditionalist and sentimentalist that I am, of course, we have continued the tradition with our kids. Here are burrito and noodle as babies in front of the picture tree.

burrito was 6 months old here

Here is noodle, just 2 weeks old, in the carrier and burrito "driving" the old double stroller

Then much to my horror (why didn't they warn me before this happened...I mean...don't they know my tradition?) on a recent visit earlier this year, we expectantly walk up to the picture tree to document one more year of great zoo memories and this is what we find:
They chopped the thing down! I was crushed! I literally had to hold back the tears (I know, I know, it's just a tree). But, ha, we will not just let this tradition end. We will still take pictures, just now the tree is a stump!

So, I searched online and came up empty handed as to why the tree was chopped down. I was thinking maybe it got too big and too old and became a danger or something???? I don't know...does anyone out there know the story? If so, please share with this tradition loving tree mourner! :)
So the boys had a great time at the zoo (and truthfully, so did I!) in part because there was no one there! I think going to the zoo the day after Labor Day was ingenious on my part (yes, let's just pretend I planned it that way!) because I think they all went on Monday and had to go back to work on Tuesday. We had the whole zoo to ourselves and finally got to enjoy the new penguin exhibit that is usually so crowded, we just zip right by. And good timing too, as the zookeeper was feeding them fish for lunch. We ended the day with a trip on the train, and because we were the first in line (and the line only included about 5 people!), burrito's wish finally came true! He always wants to ride at the very end of the train but we have never been able to (I guess that's a popular choice). So yesterday was his day!

Like I said, we've been very busy around here and believe it or not, I have more to share....more stories and more pictures....but I think I will save those for another day.

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kristi said...

Funny....reminds me of recently painting out bath and my hubby lost his footage and fell into the tub and spring time green paint fell on him. He didn't see the humor quite the way I did....for I had been painting the rest of the bathroom without paint getting anywhere and he insisted on painting in the tub area.