Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome Baby E!

Our wonderful friends M and K are at the hospital waiting to deliver their sweet baby girl! M called this morning to say that K was in labor and should be delivering by lunch today! Yeah! We can't wait to meet her!
When Burrito heard John talking to M this morning on the phone, he excitedly told us that he wanted to see the baby "pop" out of her belly. Then, quizically, he looked at me and asked "How does a baby pop out of your belly?"

No comment....

Pictures to follow soon we hope!
Well, that little stubborn baby E didn't "pop" out until 4:54p this afternoon! We were so glad to get an update tonight from the proud papa and the boys and I plan on heading over in the morning to meet her. Sweet little Noodle, my baby lover, desperately wants to hold her but I have explained the hands off rule for now. He would make a great big brother, *hint, hint.* We'll post pictures tomorrow of our new sweet friend!

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