Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ummm...what did you say?

So the other night I was putting burrito to bed. It had been a long day of school for him and in his own words, "he was beat."

School nights are always interesting around here. At first, burrito is like an explosion of energy, I think a result of being confined to a structured environment all day at school. Then he is ravenous, eating anything in sight, and he is usually not a very good eater. Then comes the exhaustion causes zero self control, which materializes as mean behavior towards A, talking back to us, and just general total meltdowns. Bedtime cannot come soon enough.

And on school days, burrito always surprises me with something new that he says that I have never heard him say before. There are usually two or three new phrases each day he goes to school that I notice that evening when he is home.

Well, on Monday the Bible story at school was about Adam and Eve and their sin in the garden. Burrito and noodle both know this story very well and when asked why Jesus had to die on the cross they will respond, "because they (Adam and Eve) ate the bad tree (fruit)." We have spoken of the snake and maybe we have even mentioned that this was the devil but for whatever reason, we have never spoken of the snake as "Satan." Well, that is the one detail burrito picked up from the story that day. He proudly told me that the snake was Satan.

So, he is climbing up into bed that night and I am closing the curtains and getting everything set for bed. He is trying to lug this huge bear that used to be mine up in bed with him. I named the bear "Brown Sugar" as a child but burrito and I have many times argued over whether his name is Brown or Black Sugar. Burrito just doesn't get that there is no such thing as black sugar!

So with my back turned to him, I hear him say, "Come on Satan. It's time for bed." I spin around and ask him to repeat what he just said. Again, he says, "Come on Satan. It's time for bed."

Okay, I can live with the name Black Sugar, but Satan?!??! No way! I tell him that he cannot name the bear Satan and he just smirks and says, "Yes, his name is Satan."

No, I will not have my son going to bed with Satan! I haven't heard him say it again.....


Colored With Memories said...

Glad you put a stop to him sleeping with "Satan". That's crazy!

Stop by my blog when you get a chance, I've left a little something for you there.

kristi said...

Funny! We see the same things...ours comes home and says new things that we know he learned at school. They are something, arent' they?