Monday, September 22, 2008

Cougar Pride and Football Fun

This weekend was full of Cougar Pride! The boys and I met John up at the main campus for our first ever pep rally on Friday. The boys loved it....all the screaming and energy and the football players and the cheerleaders and the cougar was a little piece of heaven for them. It was great for mom to see a little of Dad in the middle of a school day.

Here's John and the boys wearing their Cougar orange

Burrito and his friends from school with the Cougar mascot

Then the big football game was on Saturday. This was the first home game of the season and so a big picnic preceeded the game with food, bounce houses, and lots of things to see. We invited our friend from church to come along and the 3 boys had so much fun. They were mesmerized watching the football players warm up for the game. Notice burrito's and noodle's Romo football jerseys. My mom bought these for them this past week and I don't think they have taken them off since. John really appreciates this gift, as he is not a Cowboys fan.

The boys walking from the picnic to the football game

John and the two older boys
Burrito and our friend from church...these two have zero self control when together :)

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