Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Here We Go....

I've put this off long enough.

I typically push back against all things trendy. I like being different. I like being granola. I like anonymity. But, like I said, I've put this off long enough.

It's time to blog.

The only reason (mainly) to start this addictive behavior (no doubt) is to document all the amazing things my two sons do on a daily basis. They are quite amusing. And my memory is pathetic.

So here we go....

Tomorrow is a big day in the Rutherford house. Burrito, my oldest, starts preK. YIKES! I can't believe we have already and so quickly reached this milestone. He is quite the social butterfly and too smart for his own good (and mine!) but he told me today that he is not going to school tomorrow or ever. Fine with me. If only he meant it. Burrito is just like me. Never fond of new situations. We just don't like non-routine. He will totally LOVE school, of course, but maybe not this first week. I remember even in college feeling this way...just knowing once I survived the first week of new schedules, then I would be fine and okay with everything. It's just 3 days a week and his teacher, Mrs. B, is really great. A nurturer and clean freak! The Lord knew just what I needed! Anways, say lots of prayers for us this week.

I am sure Noodle, my youngest, will also have to adjust to the new schedule of not having big brother around. He is such a momma's boy, though, that I don't think it will take him long to adjust.

Some funny things I wanted to document for memory sake:

Burrito calls bras "overalls." We were driving the other morning and we were stopped at a red light and this teenage girl was jogging with just shorts and a sports bra. I could see him watching her and I knew he would comment.

Burrito said, "Mom, do you see that girl?"
"Yes, I see her."
"I can see her belly button!" with some giggling from the backseat.
"Yes, I see it too."
"Mom, she has overalls on!"

It took all that was within me not too bust out laughing. I just can't correct him. Overalls sounds way cuter than bra!

This summer has been really encouraging in that the boys have really started to understand more and more about God and spiritual things. We have been doing a kids devotional with them at breakfast or dinner and one night we were talking about Adam and Eve in the garden and sin and how God can see everything. Burrito looked at John and you could see the gears in his head moving.

Burrito said, "Dad, God can see me right now?"

John said "Yes, he can see you right now."

Burrito then real slowly looked up at the ceiling, as if expecting to see God step down right then from the heavens. It was classic and quite hilarious!

And Noodle, the blonde thing that he is, always keeps us in stitches because he never quite catches on to things, even after being corrected numerous times. While eating dinner he exclaims, "Dad! I have some food stuck in my teeth. I need some lip gloss!" Meaning dental floss of course!

What a great joy it is to be a mom and wife. God is good.

More to come...

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Laura said...

That is too hilarious! It really brightened my day on a really slow day at work. I know, I know, I'll go back to work now!