Monday, August 25, 2008

i HATE wallpaper!

and i don't usually say the word "hate" but i am pretty sure it applies in this case. i spent the better part of yesterday removing wallpaper, or should i say 2 layers of painted over wallpaper, from our dining room walls and kitchen soffits. i was fortunate that in most places, the wallpaper pulled down freely. other places, not the case. to make matters worse, they applied the first layer of wallpaper on unprimed drywall, so when you rip the wallpaper down, in some parts, the first layer of drywall would come off too.

but have no fear! thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet, i have a plethora of information to draw from in regards to repair. i feel like i am becoming more and more knowledgeable in home repair thanks to this old house.

so if you are needing to conquer some unsightly wallpaper and you don't know where to begin, let me suggest you come to me! i have done all of the research work for you! or maybe you should wait until i am completely finished, so that you can learn from my mistakes! :)

so i am on the completely unreasonable time table to finish this diy portion of our remodel. john's family is coming next thursday and my goal is to have this project completed so that we can enjoy our kitchen and dining room again. i won't bore you with the details but basically it goes like this: make repairs to drywall, one coat of Zinsser Gardz, texture, prime and then paint. I also need to touch up the paint on the baseboards and windowsills but this might have to come later.

oh, and did i forget to say that i pulled a major muscle in my back yesterday after removing the wallpaper, so i am not sure of my ability to get much done tonight. and yes, i said tonight, because that is the only time i can get anything done around here, after Burrito and Noodle go to bed!

can i get an amen!?!?

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Colored With Memories said...


We did an overhaul on an 80+ year old house back in our newlywed days...haven't done much at all with kiddos. So, I'm very impressed!

Good luck with the deadline! Nothing like family coming in town to get a few things checked off the to-do list!

Thanks for the link...I didn't know you were reading...send me some comment love! ;)

I'll be sure to add you when I update my blogroll!