Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our kitchen remodel...

Several of you have been following my updates on Facebook about the kitchen remodel and so I thought I would post some pics here for posterity. Nothing too major was done but we did have our cabinets painted with new hinges, granite countertops, new backsplash, new sink and new faucet.

Here are the specs:

Cabinet paint : Alabaster, Sherwin Williams pro classic enamel paint and primer
Granite: Tropic Brown polished granite with straight edge
Sink: Blanco Anthracite (that's just a fancy word for black!) Silgranit 1 3/4 bowl, 10 inches deep! This was my favorite! Silgranit is 80% granite, 20% composite which translates into an almost indestructible sink!
Faucet: Price Pfister Avalon in Stainless Steel
Backsplash: Casa Antica Tumbled Travertine Subway Tile and Glass Mosaic 1" tile for accent, bone grout

I think I will save all of my rants about the kitchen remodel for another post but here are some before and after pics.


Note the beat up oak cabinets (though you can't really see that in the pics), gold hinges, white (or at least at one time!) laminate countertops and backsplash with the sawed off edges by the oven, the beat up stainless steel sink and sad faucet.


Quite an improvement don't you think! :)
We still have some more work to do. We have to remove painted over wallpaper, prime, texture and paint the walls. We also have plans for a new light fixture and window treatments in the dining room. But after not having a kitchen for a week and a half, LOTS of stress and school starting, it will probably be a bit before we finish it all up. And, when our cash flow isn't quite so depleted, John and I would like to extend our wood floors into the dining and kitchen. This would be a DIY project, so it would be wise for us to go to marriage counseling BEFORE we set out to do this. Nothing like a little home improvement with two firstborns to cause some major marital discord! And of course, one day, maybe we will be able to afford matching stainless appliances!


Michael Breed said...

Looks great!!

Michael & Kristi

Colored With Memories said...

hi jenn! welcome to blogging!

i love your page...your header statement is precious.

the kitchen looks great. too nice to you think that excuse will get you anywhere!?!

i remember when we had ours done at a previous house...i thought all the eating out would be great, but i was actually sick of it by the time it was done.

i especially love your sink. deep ones hide the dishes better! and all this time i thought "blanco" meant "white"! only in spanish?!?

i'll be back to visit you mind if i add you guys to my blogroll?