Thursday, July 14, 2011

breaking rutherford news!!!

today was a history-making day in the rutherford household:  burrito lost his first tooth!!!

at age 7!!!

it was HANGING on by a thread, and he was so consternated about pulling it out that i just had to do it for him.  with one little yank, out it popped!  he was so excited, and i think a little relieved, that it didn't hurt and that it was finally out!

and i cried.

i just can't take the fact that my boys are growing up.

nonetheless, i was so excited for him.  he has been waiting so long to lose a tooth!

love you my snaggle-toothed burrito!

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Colored With Memories said...


it's crazy how tooth loss differs by child! lily has lost 5 and currently has 3 loose...won't be 7 until Sept though!