Friday, July 15, 2011

slip n slide

this summer has been brutally hot.  but i'm not complaining.  i do live in texas for a reason!  i DO NOT like cold weather and if you ask me, it's a whole lot easier to cool off than it is to warm up.  and a whole lot more fun too!

these pictures are my proof!
burrito in motion

 and now it's noodle's turn!

and now some pictures just for fun!

see how much fun you can have when it's hot outside???


Jason and Kyla said...

I'm intrigued. This looks like so much fun! My kids are constantly begging for this. What is that thing they are sliding on? Did that come with it?

Anonymous said...

Like the mid-air shots as they are coming down to slide.

Colored With Memories said...

awesome pix! our slip in slide was a bust...may try to look for that one!