Wednesday, July 20, 2011

family vacation 2011 day 4: one more day at the beach!

we toyed with the idea of trying out another beach for our last day of vacation, but being the sentimental gal that i am, i wanted to go back to rockport.  i wanted the chance to repeat the picture we took in front of the super groovy rockport sign last year.

here's our photo session from this year...
noodle, john, and burrito
and here's the full shot with the cool bird!
noodle, jenn and burrito
the three cousins: noodle, porkchop and burrito
the family shot sans john the photographer: jenn, noodle, stacey, porkchop, burrito, mimi and poppy
our family
porkchop with his best movie star look

i told you it was a photo session, ha!  so after all the photos, back to the beach we went!  this time we went beachcombing, looking for all sorts of shells, crabs and even jellyfish!  we brought plastic jars for the boys to collect their seashells in.  we buried noodle in the sand.  john threw the boys around in the water again.  it was another great day at the beach, and we were sad to leave.
john and noodle
burrito contemplating the vastness of the ocean
john and noodle
he really enjoyed being buried!
we spent the afternoon resting up a bit and then took advantage of the hotel's indoor swimming pool.
burrito swimming it up
stacey and porkchop
noodle enjoying the hot tub
noodle, who can't stand for the bathwater to be lukewarm, discovered the hot tub and loved it.  he was talking to complete adult strangers and it was totally cracking us up!

we were sad to leave the next day but so glad to have spent so much fun time all together.  it was a great family vacation that ended with lunch in austin, a trip to ikea in round rock, and then home, sweet home.
now we're trying to figure out a way to spend more time at the beach...a pop up camper, maybe?  i keep trying to convince john we need to indulge my love for volkswagon vans and drive one to the beach!

i'll keep working on him. :)

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