Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Fun

well, i am grossly behind in blogging.  blame it on my part-time job, laziness, or just plain busyness.  i have learned that i can only do so much and some things slip through the cracks and unfortunately, blogging has been one of those things.

my lack of blogging does not mean there has been a lack of blogging material.  we have been enjoying our summer break to the fullest extent.  and because i am so behind, i won't attempt to cram everything into this one post.  i'll space it out a bit so your retinas are not bleeding! :)

so we'll start with our first post-school, hooray-for-summer activity, the zoo!

because both burrito and noodle are in school now, we did not renew our beloved zoo membership this year.  so the second school was out and we were free from routine, we headed to fort worth!
burrito and noodle amidst the beautiful landscaping
i love this pic of burrito deep in thought
 the elephants put on quite a show for us this trip.  we have never been there to see them "take a shower!"

feeding the koi fish
the zoo had a dinosaur exhibit this time with robotic dinosaurs stationed around different areas.  they have had this before when burrito was little and he was NOT a fan!  this time, they LOVED it!
posing by the elephant
feeding the birds
we ended our trip with a visit to MOLA (museum of living art) and the boys were so pumped to pet a real, live snake.  i was impressed with the little zoo man here because there were HORDES of children in here and he was being so patient!
believe it or not, we spent about 3 hours here visiting the animals, went home to pick up dad who had teacher inservice for just the morning hours, and then went to legoland for the afternoon!  i was either the coolest mom, the most broke mom, or the most exhausted mom by the end of that day!  or maybe all three!

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Anonymous said...

I love the FW Zoo.....after moving back to Texas, we bought a pass. It has been so hot, I hope to use it a little more this fall. Love going out there to photograph the animals & enjoy the animals with the kids. Your elephant photo is incredible.

(When life gets busy, things like blogging take a back seat....I experienced that this past year)