Thursday, August 11, 2011

first day of school 2011

tuesday august 9 was our first day of school!  this was the first year that all my boys had their first day on the same day this year.  they were all nervously excited about the new year.

just for fun here are the first days of years past.

2010 burrito and 2010 noodle

and here are the pictures from tuesday:

john just loves that i make him pose for a picture each year too :)
 my burrito on his first day of second grade
 my noodle on his first day of kindergarten
 my 2 grown up boys!
burrito came home reporting that the first day of second grade was not as hard as he thought it might be, but he knows that it will get harder and harder as the year goes on.  i think he is slowly realizing that school will now require more work and less play.  his good buddy caleb is in his class with mrs. r this year so he was pretty excited about that.  there are 16 students in his class and i know by the end of the year they will all be best friends.

noodle came home reporting that the first day of kindergarten was fun, and he was able to play in "centers."  he is very proud that he already knows his bible verse for the month because it is only 3 words: God is love.  he already loves his teacher, mrs. l.  there are 12 students in his class and this year there are more boys, but he did report he enjoyed seeing all his friends from last year's class at recess!

when i picked the boys up from school we all decided it was time to celebrate so we headed to braum's for an ice cream cone!
we are so thankful for the opportunity we have to attend the school that we do.  i love hearing them talk about learning bible verses, chapel, praying for their friends and all of the good education they receive (even if it means they are not with their mama!).

love my boys!

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