Wednesday, August 18, 2010

first day of school part 3: noodle

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d day arrived with much loathing and trepidation.  not for the boys, but for me.  today my sweet baby boy started pre-k.  as john was helping noodle button his shirt this morning i just about lost all control when i looked over.  how can it be that my baby boy is old enough to go to school?!?!?  see for yourself...doesn't he look so like a little man?
i am thankful that noodle was totally excited and ready for his turn.

on wednesdays the boys have chapel and they have a special chapel uniform they wear.  they looked so cute together dressed alike for school.
noodle thought he was big stuff walking in to class and didn't really need me.  see how far ahead of me he was?  john met us to walk in noodle for his first day too, i just didn't get a picture of him.
with the new building, the boys have the advantage of having all new classrooms and all the perks of having a school built for little ones.  the pre-k room is very cheerful and bright.
noodle settled right in to his spot at the "bee table" and immediately began working on his color sheet.  he has the same teacher burrito had for pre-k so this set me more at ease.  nonetheless, it was very hard to leave him there until 3:00 this afternoon.
what did i do all day without kids?  a little retail therapy.  sorry john.

it was such a joy to pick them both up this afternoon and to hear about their day.  we went to sonic and bought some slushies to celebrate.

noodle, i am so proud of how big you are now.  you once were quite a mama's boy and not interested at all in leaving me behind.  i am so glad that you were really happy to start school today.  you are so smart and can already read all the books burrito learned to read in pre-k.  you have a great memory and know lots of sight words.  you are only one of two boys in your class (there are 8 girls), but i know you will make lots of new friends.  you are one of the oldest in your class, and i suspect that you will quickly become a leader.  you are athletic, sensitive, a touchy-feely boy and you love being around people.  i am so glad that you are my son, and you will always be my baby boy.

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