Thursday, August 12, 2010

more swimming cuteness

this week has held an abundance of fun!  today we had the privilege of hosting our aunt and cousin.  and because it was 5000 degrees outside again, we decided to have another swim party.

now i must warn you, the cute quotient is astronomical so be prepared! :)

first up is a trial run picture with noodle and cousin porkchop.  they posed pretty well.
so then we brought burrito in, and this was the best pic of the day.  3 boys all smiling and looking at the camera, no simple feat!
now don't be alarmed by this picture.  i promise burrito is not trying to choke the baby.  he was "helping" him look at the camera! ;)
who knew a scooby doo ball could be so fascinating?
cousin porkchop it was so fun having you over to play today.  sorry for all the mothering and accidental splashes in the pool.  your big cousins really do adore you!