Monday, August 2, 2010

grapevine botanic gardens

we've been to this fun little park in grapevine before.  we call it the spider web park because of this:
adjacent to the park is a cute little botanic garden that we've never taken the time to explore until this past week.  it's so fun!  i regretted that we had never checked it out before.  and being the photo-crazy mom that i am, i whipped out the camera while we there.

no botanic park is complete without a water fountain!
noodle took this picture of john and me.
the boys are standing in front of a butterfly garden planted with flowers that attract butterflies.
and the best part of all was the water pond complete with huge koi fish!
they even had fish food for a quarter and the way these fish went after that food suggested that no one had fed them lately!
it was just beautiful and we had fun exploring a little piece of God's creation.

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Colored With Memories said...

oh girls LOVE the "spider web" park. we used to frequent that place often when it was close by.

did y'all walk back to the composting educational area? it is pretty neat!