Tuesday, August 17, 2010

first day of school part 2: burrito

if you read this post, you'll understand the title to this post.

today was burrito's first day of school.  i don't do well on the first day of school, but i did manage to not have a total breakdown most of the day, and certainly not in front of an audience, so i feel i've accomplished something!

i am thankful that burrito does not share my reservations.  he was completely excited and ready to go.

here he is outside our home on his first day of first grade.
and here we are walking him up to the new school building.  the school delayed classes for the older kids to help alleviate traffic and parking issues so john was able to walk him in too! (that's burrito with the star wars backpack in front of john and that's noodle holding john's hand.)
burrito is outside of the entrance to the grammar school.  there are several entrances to this building and above each one is a hebrew name for God.  this one means "Jehovah my Shepherd."  love it!
and here he is in his very own student desk.  the look on his face says, "mom quit taking pictures of me.  this is embarrassing!" 
and this is a picture of what i discovered on meet the teacher night that made me want to pull him right out of school.  his own locker.  in a hallway.  in first grade, people!  i can't take it.

and here's what the boys thought of the lockers.  you know, the coolest thing ever!
so when i picked him up today these are some of the things he said:

"we didn't even have rest time and boy am i exhausted!"

"we had recess at 9:20, french at 9:40, lunch at 11:20 and music at 12:10."

"i like mrs. s.  i think she is good."

burrito, it seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital.  i cannot believe you are 6 and in first grade!  you are becoming a good reader, even though you get easily frustrated.  you love people so much that we call you our social butterfly.  you are always watching people and things that go on and never miss anything!  you have so much spirit that it doesn't surprise me that you are a good sleeper.  you are a good friend and good brother and you love Jesus which makes me the most proud.  i love you my little first grader!

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