Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a fun playdate

today was so fun!  we had our sweet friend from school over to play.  she was in burrito's class last year and will be in his first grade class this year.  i felt a little less outnumbered with another girl in the house, ha!

we went to storytime at the library (the last one for us because school starts next week!), ate lunch and because of this
we did this!  well, not we in the sense of including me...i just sweated to death while they swam.  you would think by now, after doing this all summer long, i would be able to tolerate the heat a little better.  nope.  i sweat like a man.  i know, i know, t.m.i.!
they had a blast sliding down the slide into the pool and were kind enough to let me capture their fun on film.  well, not really film since it's digital, but you know what i mean.

this is burrito
this is our sweet friend
and this is noodle
they played so long and hard, that after we came inside and read a few library books, they were starving!  so we ate a snack and watched scooby doo to end our playdate.

thanks sweet friend for giving the boys a fun afternoon and for leveling out the playing field for this outnumbered mama!

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