Monday, August 2, 2010

bedford splash and goodbye summer

believe it or not, today marked the end of our summer.  august 2, the end of summer, that just seems crazy!  but it's true in our house.  john starts inservice tomorrow at school.  while the boys and i have 2 more weeks together, it's just not as fun without john around.

but before everyone gets too sad for our early back-to-school start, let me assure you that we ended our fun summer together on a high note. 

we all agree that this may have been the best summer yet for the rutherfords.  no sickness, no trips to the emergency room, a trip to austin and a beach vacation, home projects completed, new carpet installed, a summer of learning and being together at a happy just doesn't get much better than that for us!

so how did we decide to celebrate?  a trip to bedford splash!  we've been a few times before in summer's past but we hadn't been this summer yet.  i didn't know what to expect as far as how crowded it might be today, especially since the high was supposed to reach 106 degrees!  we were pleasantly surprised though.  it was not crowded at all and with the boys beings one year older this time around, i felt like we all enjoyed it more. 
because i don't have a waterproof camera, i didn't get many action shots, but trust me, there was lots of action!  we were all completely exhausted after 3 hours of swimming and sliding and playing.
if you've never been to bedford splash before, you should really check them out.  i think it's pretty affordable for even large families, and they have a wide variety of things to do for a wide range of ages.  and they didn't pay me to say that, ha!

so that's how we celebrated the end of our summer.  a new season is just around the corner.  i am not so sure that i am ready!

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Colored With Memories said...

i love little family water parks like that one!

i am sad that summer's end is nearing for us, but like y' has been a good doesn't start til 8/26 for lily tho!