Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i survived

burrito's first day of kindergarten. and without any tears (okay, minimal tears).

he was out of bed and ready to go in record-breaking time this morning. here he is all ready for his first day of kindergarten:

john was able to join us for burrito's big day and we all walked him into school. this felt a bit like walking the "green mile" to me.

once there, i couldn't really tell if he was just nervous about being in a new situation or if he was embarrassed that his mom and dad were there. we kissed bye and that was that. i had to come straight home and be with jesus to keep my emotions and thoughts in check. noodle coped by watching diego.

so with my first born under someone else's care for 7 hours, what's a mom to do? noodle and i decided to break out the old bread machine and bake it up. i haven't made homemade bread like this since burrito was a baby. something about having 2 boys 18 months apart limited my betty crocker aspirations for awhile.

so we set out to walmart to buy our necessary ingredients. bread flour....check. yeast....check. dry milk....where is the dry milk? i searched up and down aisle 8 looking for that stuff and wondering, is 1 Tbs of dry milk really that important?

i still don't know the answer to that.

but anyways, we did find one giant box of dry milk for $6.59 which seemed outrageous, seeing as how i only needed 1 Tbs!

so i thought, well target is just around the corner, surely we can find some there. nope. the guy there said no one really carries dry milk anymore and some other details about shelf life that i can't recall. he suggested we try a specialty store like sprouts, which is just a bit further down the road.

so on to sprouts we went....only to be told the same thing. they no longer carry it either, and we might have luck at a kroger or albertson's who might have some still on their shelf. lucky for us (or not, this is the 4th store now to try) albertson's did have a box of dry milk. still too large and still too expensive for our needs but after getting in and out of the car 4 times and an hour and a half later, we were getting that box of dry milk!

so we came home and donned our aprons and set to baking.

noodle took this picture of me.

i measured out the ingredients and noodle dumped them in. we made cinnamon raisin bread and the smell filled the whole house. yummy!

and somehow, the clock made it around to 2:45 and i picked up my sweet first born from school and all was right in the world again. we came home and the boys swam and we shared all about our days over dinner. it was a sweet time.

some thoughts burrito shared about his first day of kindergarten:

he was a little sad after we left but was happy again when his teacher explained that when they earn 5 tokens for good behavior, they can trade in the tokens for something out of the treasure box.

he had german today and his teacher said, "guten morgen."

he saw all his old buddies from last year at recess.

one of the computers was broken in his class (he is super excited about using a computer).

he said the boy on the computer was going to be his new favorite friend. i asked him what his name was and he couldn't remember.

so that was the first day of kindergarten. we survived. now on to day 2.

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