Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boosterthon Fun Run

Burrito was so excited about school today because all the kindergarteners were able to ride the big blue school bus over to the main campus. Here he is with his class.

There was a pep rally at the main campus today to psyche the kids up for the Boosterthon Fun Run. This is the only fundraiser the grammar school (grades K through 6th) participates in for the year. We like this fundraiser over others because it promotes character building and exercise, as opposed to selling cookie dough or magazine subscriptions.

This is the second year the school has participated in this fundraiser. The kids walk or run laps (with a max of 35 laps) and collect pledges per lap they complete. The laps are short and the kids are well hydrated so they do a good job keeping the kids safe. Last year, the school set a goal to raise $10,000 toward the construction of the new grammar building. The kids last year raised $54,000! Craziness! They also encouraged the kids to get pledges from all 50 states. They were real close with 49, with West Virginia eluding them.

So the pep rally was today and we've started collecting pledges. The actual fun run takes place next Friday. Noodle and I went to the pep rally today to check it out and he had a good time. He even scored these cool sunglasses from one of the guys from that organization.

So if you want to make a pledge to support Burrito let me know, especially if you live in a different state! :) And in supporting him, you would also be supporting classical Christian education!

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