Monday, August 17, 2009

embarrassing moments...

everyone has them, particularly in the junior high years. since john teaches 7th and 8th grade students, he always has a story to tell.

since we had just a regular ol' monday with nothing exciting on the homefront, i thought i would share with you a true embarrassing moment that we had 2 years ago when we moved into this house.

the boys were 3 and 1 when we moved in to this house and to say we were all exhausted by the end of moving weekend would be a gross understatement. our top priority was assembling burrito's bed and noodle's crib when we moved in. happy well rested children were very important to us! and we were able to accomplish that, and the boys went down for bed without a fuss. i think they were exhausted too.

around 11p that night, john and i were ready to hit the sack ourselves. we did the normal bedtime routine of washing faces, brushing teeth and donning pj's. without going into unnecessary detail, john had on boxers and a white t-shirt and i wore a shirt and panties to bed. before we drifted off to sleep, i started worrying about burrito waking up in the middle of the night and trying to find us in a dark and unfamiliar house. so john and i both decided to make our way out to the garage and dig through a few boxes to see if we could locate a nightlight.

after about 10 minutes of digging without success, we decided to give it up and just leave a light on in the laundry room that would be far enough away to not disturb our sleep but would give off enough light to help burrito see if he were to get up.

so we headed back inside only to realize that the door from the garage to the house was locked! we never, ever lock those doors but because we were in a new house and an unfamiliar neighborhood, john had locked the door before we went to bed. he did not remember this as we went out to the garage to scavenge for a nightlight, and the door has a knob that opens from the inside even though it is locked from the outside. who invented such a thing???

so trying not to panic, we try to jimmy the lock. for some reason, john actually had his wallet out in the garage so we tried using a credit card to no avail. i had a bobby pin in my hair, and we tried that as well with no luck. the boys were too little to waken from outside and follow instructions to let us back in. we were stuck!

as providence would have it, we heard voices, and when we raised the garage door, we realized our neighbors were up and outside. so john in his boxers and i in my shirt and panties (i did find a blanket in the garage to wrap myself up with!) venture over to meet the neighbors for the first time and ask to borrow their phone to call a locksmith.

apart from the horror of being in our underwear, john and i were equally mortified to think of how much this was going to cost us. a locksmith at 11p at night, oh dear! and the locksmith, well he was quite a character.

in fact, the locksmith encounter is a whole other crazy story that i will save for tomorrow. check back because you won't believe what happened with him!


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! That's one of the funniest stories I've heard in a good long while!

Colored With Memories said...

oh my! jerry just commented on my snorting as i read this!...i'm catching up on your blog!

Jennifer Rutherford said...

I know, I know, it's a crazy story isn't it?