Sunday, August 16, 2009

circulo de amigas

what happens when you take these 3 college roommates...

(heather with baby andrea, me & julie)

and pair them with these three Godly men?

(john, jon with baby andrea, & mark)

3 fabulous couples endeared to each other for life...

(john and me, julie and mark, jon and heather)

that produces a brood of fabulous children!

and not to mention some good times! the stars aligned correctly and our entire families were able to meet up last night to celebrate P's 6th birthday. (we're talking 3 families from virginia, lubbock and fort worth, quite a feat!)

the kids had a blast at the party and especially loved the chick-fil-a cow.

if you know my husband very well, you will know why this picture is so hysterical (chrystal, i did this just for you!)

happy birthday P and muchas gracias a mi circulo de amigas for a super sweet time. praying the Lord would give us many more opportunities to love on each other and on each other's kids. i think i see a wedding in our future, what do you think? (julie, i think he has the most camels, ha!)


Colored With Memories said...

so fun! i love that! why does julie look so familiar to me???

Emily said...

Looks so fun! Wish I could have made it.

Jennifer Rutherford said...

Emily, I wish you could have made it too! It was so fun watching all our kids play together. We are OLD! ;)