Thursday, August 20, 2009

Burrito says thanks! and other random thoughts

burrito says thank you for all who have pledged or have shown an interest in pledging towards his fun run next friday at school. he actually came home toting prizes that he's already earned, including the headband you see here.

he looks ready to run, don't you think? i think the headband was the most appealing to him so he was pretty pumped to get that today!

noodle and i made pasta milano for a friend at church that just had a baby. we took it over and visited a bit with her, her 2 year old son and new baby. it was flashback time for me. i remember really wanting visitors because we were stuck at home but then a little worried about how the house was a mess or how i had not showered in days! it is amazing how quickly that season of life comes and goes. i was just lamenting to john the other night about how we are almost out of the "zoo pass" season of life. once both boys are in school, we'll never have the opportunity to visit as frequently. *sniff, sniff*

i have been thankful to the Lord for the contentment He has given me these past few weeks. i feel such a joy and pleasure to be a stay at home mom and homemaker, and i am really grateful to God and my husband for allowing me to do what i love most.

after dropping burrito off at school in the mornings, noodle and i come back home and he knows that i will read and "spend some time with Jesus." i like using that terminology with him. to see me do that and know what i am doing i hope will leave a lifelong impression on him. and honestly, the Lord has shown so much grace towards me the last 6 years because i have not been like that. to say i am not a morning person is quite an understatement and so it has always been a battle to get out of bed and spend time with the Lord. it is quite shameful. and by the time bedtime rolls around, it takes about 1 minute of reading to put me fast to sleep.

this summer though, has been a different story. once i got up and started reading a bit, i really found that it shaped the rest of my day, and in a great way. i would think about what i had read and try to live out those things with my husband and kids. it has been so good, and i am so thankful.

one last random thought. do you know the fruits of the spirit? love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control. the boys memorized these and for the longest time, noodle had to repeat them before every nap and at bedtime too. well, in my reading this past week, i had a huge revelation. the fruits of the spirit are not something i can muster up with my own will. they require the Holy Spirit's help! i know, it sounds pretty simple. that's why they call them the fruits of the spirit! why did i not get this before? why do i not have enough patience (or fill in the blank with any of the fruits!) with my husband or boys? because i am not relying on the Holy Spirit. i am trying to summon that up from my own resources and i fail! ughh! if only i had figured this out years before!
so that's my big revelation for the week. thanks for reading through all my randomness! :)

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