Thursday, August 27, 2009

a lesson in rutherford mathematics

what do you get when you take:

one child recovering from an illness

one child coming down with aforementioned illness

money saved up over several months in their respective piggy banks?

you get this!

and after 2 hours of this sweet momma's time
you get this!

and what did i get?

sweet lego-induced peace in the house! (how do you like noodle's hairstyle there? i promise, he wakes up every morning with hair like that or worse!)

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Cowtown Vintage said...

Ha ha ha!! How many times have I done that same thing? Now, thankfully, they build their own things. I mean, we have to help them some with the initial project, but then they make their own stuff. Love it. I wondered whether that day would ever come. It does!!!

Kim Whiteside