Monday, August 3, 2009

school is coming

so i had this great idea yesterday to try and snap a picture of our family while we were still looking somewhat nice from church.

oh dear. i should have known better.

this is the best shot we got so we'll go with it but there was a lot of drama and impatience to say the least. i have plans to have our picture taken as a family this fall by a friend who is a photographer. she does outside shots which i love because of the natural lighting and less unnatural posing as one might encounter in a studio.

it's tough getting a picture where all 4 of us look nice and are smiling. it's tough because 2 of the 4 seem to always have ants in their pants!

john started inservice today at school. he is teaching 7th and 8th grade latin and senior a.p. english this year. it seems to change every year, but i think he is pleased with this lineup. school officially starts next tuesday.

i will officially have a school-aged child next week. burrito starts kindergarten, and i just cannot believe that! crazy, crazy how fast it goes. after having him home every day all summer long, i think him being gone to school 5 days a week next week will be a total shock to my system. and not in a good way.

i love having my children home with me. now on any given day during a moment of complete chaos and disobedience i might tell you otherwise, but seriously, for the most part, i completely enjoy being a mom and having them home with me. while it would probably be quite ludicrous to not send them to the fabulous classical christian private school my hubby teaches at, there are days where i am quite tempted to homeschool them nonetheless. part of me likes, rather loves, teaching my kids about the LORD and his creation and how everything works, and the other part of me sees it as my second chance at educating myself. my public school experience severely lacked the rigor and exposure to all things rich that a classical education affords.

educating your children and your philosophy of education is such a big thing. i am thankful that for now we have a great option for our boys, and time will tell what the future holds.
oh, and on a sidenote: for all of my readers who totally love mid century modern furniture, listen to this story. i had been watching a mcm chair on ebay all last week and it went off auction last night. it started at $149 and my limit of $300 was reached before the auction was over. what did the chair sell for you ask? $520 plus $80 shipping!!! for one armchair!!! those mcm lovers are crazy!!! i am too but i'm just crazy and poor, not crazy and rich! ha!

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