Friday, August 28, 2009

Run Burrito Run

I still cannot believe it! Burrito ran all 35 laps with time to spare! The Boosterthon Fun Run was a success and I think everyone involved loved it! Good job, Burrito! We are so proud of you!

This picture cracks me up! Look at that focus and determination!
Noodle cheering on his brother, or maybe trying to figure out how these things work!

I thought this was such a clever idea! At the end of each lap, volunteers marked the backs of their shirts to keep tab of their progress. And lookie there, he did all 35!

Taking a break to cool off after the race.

Lining up to head back to school.
Time for a class picture!

Thanks again to all who made pledges! Burrito will be calling you to say thanks and to tell you all about the race!

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