Tuesday, August 4, 2009


i, being the frugal mother that i am, generally always cut my boys' hair. it's really not that hard, and i figure i might as well do it now when they don't really care about how their hair looks because i might not get that opportunity later. you know, when they turn into teenagers. that thought scares me. i am not sure if it is the ridiculous amounts of food that will be consumed at that age or stinky armpits that have me most afraid!

every now and then i do take them into the salon and have a professional cut done. today was one of those days for burrito. i wanted him to have a nice haircut for when school starts next week.

burrito has always had a ton of hair! in fact, his first haircut was july 30, 2004. he was just shy of 4 months old. isn't that crazy!?!?
he did pretty good that day but getting his hair cut has not always been a walk in the park. in july of 2007, we were in the midst of moving and i wanted to get his hair trimmed before we moved 40 minutes away from our salon. of course the girl that has cut my hair for about 10 years was on vacation that week so i opted for another girl. i was desperate and knew if i didn't get it done then, it would be weeks before we would be back and have the time to do it.

burrito was not in the best of moods that day (he was 3) and started pitching a fit before he even sat down in the chair. i explained to the girl that we like his hair long and it just needed a trim and some layering. she asked me what setting we used on the clippers, and i know i gave her a confused look. i'm a girl with zero boy hair-cutting experience. i don't know what settings there are on clippers. so i explained that our normal hairdresser only used clippers around his ears and i wasn't sure what setting she used.

well, the girl did not listen to one thing that i said and this is what we ended up with:
when she started the clippers before picking up the scissors i thought it was strange that she was doing that part first. then she took the clippers to his head and went crazy. after the first swipe, there was not much i could do.

i just about had a nervous breakdown. seriously. it took all that was within me not to bawl. i was shaking as i handed her the card to pay. i managed to make it out to my car, dial john's number on my cell and then i lost it. i didn't want to make too much of a big deal about it in front of burrito because i didn't want him to be upset. but it was tough to not freak out. when i told john that she had cut it to short, he later told me he just thought it was going to be short, NOT shaved! his hair could not grow fast enough for me, but by christmas it was decent.

so i learned my lesson. i now understand the setting on clippers. i will never ever schedule a hair appointment with someone i don't know. i will not schedule any important appointments the week we are signing a mortgage and moving. what was i thinking???

so all that to say, i am quite pleased with today's appointment and haircut. i think he looks just like his daddy. what do you think?