Monday, August 24, 2009

bad hair day

burrito has dr. doss and mrs. debbie to thank for his bad hair day today, ha! thanks to their pledges towards his school fundraiser, the boosterthon fun run, burrito scored the crazy hair ball and bag today. thanks guys! ;)

his outfit is complements of a friend from school. we are blessed to receive all of her cool hand me down clothes and toys, and this power ranger outfit was a huge hit this afternoon. burrito declared that this would be his costume for halloween this year. i hope not. i have their pictures traditionally made each year in their costumes, and this just doesn't make for as cute a picture as these.

noodle was signed up to participate in a cooking class at our local rec center. well on friday (you remember, friday the "off day") i had a message from them that the class had been cancelled because of lack of interest. great. i was really excited about this one for noodle because he really loves to help in the kitchen.

i knew that if i didn't tell him the class had been cancelled, he would never remember we were supposed to go today. and of course, his blondness prevailed, and he had no clue. so i decided that i would be his cooking teacher each monday.

with school, i don't have the time i once had to get up and make a nice breakfast in the mornings. we are huge muffin eaters, so noodle and i decided to make 2 dozen muffins today...some to eat this week and some to freeze for later. on the menu: pumpkin and cinnamon streusel. yummo!
and here are a few pics from the block party we attended saturday night at my sister's and brother in law's church. the boys always gravitate toward the basketball goal...big ones and little ones!

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