Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the locksmith

you better go ahead and sit down because you are not going to believe this story!

now this is a continuation of the post below, so if you haven't read it, stop right now, scroll down and read it first! :)

so the locksmith rolls up and gets out of his truck. he comes over to john (who is in his boxers, need i remind you) and asks to see proof that we are the residents of this home. oh dear. we just moved in earlier that day so obviously our drivers' licenses have not been updated with the new address. i remember that i have a letter from the u.s. postal service showing that we requested our mail be forwarded from our old address to this address but it is inside, of course!

so the locksmith looks at us a bit incredulously but goes about trying every key on his key ring to get the door open. after trying almost all of them, he stops, backs away from the door and tells us that he has a funny feeling about this. are you kidding me???

"excuse me sir, but do you see this garage that we are standing in piled to the ceiling with boxes? do you see that we are standing outside in our underwear? does telling you that my kids are asleep inside alone and have been for the past 45 minutes concern you like it does me? do you really think this is some elaborate attempt to break into someone else's home? would you like to go and confirm our story with the neighbors, who we just met for the first time in our undies?"
fortunately for me (and for him!), my husband interceded and assured him that we were the residents of the home and if he needed to describe the exact layout of the floorplan to him, he was willing to do that.
thankfully, he set back to work and used his credit card to jimmy the lock and let us in. i ran to check on the boys, who were still sleeping soundly, unaware of our current situation. john handled the payment and paperwork. the locksmith ended up telling us that we seemed like a nice, honest couple who had an unfortunate experience with a new house and so he charged us what he would charge for his services if they were to occur during the day. which was still a lot.
lesson learned. i hope the next lesson we learn like that will take place when we are fully and appropriately clothed!


Angie said...

oh my goodness. you just made my afternoon. seriously hilarious story jenn. loved it.


Angie said...

oh my goodness. that was hilarious. you seriously made my afternoon a little better. no alot better. thanks.

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

I thought locksmiths used hightech equipment. A credit card? That is too funny!

Louanne said...

oh my gosh!! I can't believe he ended up opening the door with the credit card. lol.

Colored With Memories said...

you made my night. i'm so glad i went back to read this...do your neighbors still laugh about this?!?

Jennifer Rutherford said...

Ha, ha! See, I knew at some point this unfortunate experience would make for a good story! I was horrified at the time though!

I'm glad I made everyone laugh...and fortunately for me, the neighbors have never revisited that incident! :)

Laura aka Eric's Donor said...

That is the best story I have heard all year! How did I miss that one?!?