Wednesday, August 5, 2009

small packages

if you know me in real life, you know i am not very tall. and if you know my husband in real life, you will know that he is not very tall either.

so two relatively small parents inevitably leads to relatively small kids.

we went to burrito's 5 year old checkup today. we are about 4 months behind but better late than never right? it was an easy visit, with no immunizations, hallelujah! they did all of the typical check up things: weight, heighth, eye check, hearing check, everything else check. everything was good, and i was reminded of how much we love our pediatrician.

i've never been one of those moms interested in how my child ranks percentile wise with the average kid their age. my boys eat healthy, get plenty of exercise and are well cared for so i don't feel like i have to worry too much about their overall growth.

so i just chuckled when i saw where burrito ranked in the percentiles for weight and heighth. weight was 8% and heighth was 22%. that means only 8% of kids his age weigh less than him and only 22% of kids his age are shorter than he is.

so he is a small guy. just like his momma and daddy. maybe i should have waited to have his hair cut until after his doctor's appointment. after all, that hair would have probably added a few pounds!

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Stephanie Rohloff said...

You are so hilarious! I love it!