Sunday, September 4, 2011

boosterthon fun run 2011

our school does a fundraiser at the beginning of the school year called the boosterthon fun run.  the kids get pledges from those who would like to support our school and then run up to 35 laps at the fun run.   supporters can pledge money per lap or pledge a flat amount.  this year, our school is raising money to build a playground for our grammar school (grades 1-4).  my thanks to those who supported our boys this year!

i'm not a fan of fundraisers, especially when the kids get all worked up about getting prizes for the amount of pledges they get, but my boys do have fun running.  and they ran fast and hard and always exceed the 35 lap limit.  they are so cute.  i spent the morning with noodle's class this year and was able to take some fun pictures of his kindergarten friends.   here are some of my favorites.
noodle before the race
class picture minus 2 girls
the girls (minus one).  aren't they cute and sweet?
the boys.  cute and tough!
look at that hair fly, he is running so fast!
noodle in action, with the ever-present tongue hanging out. :)

i love the way the sun was in my lens in this one and it looks like noodle is checking out his competition!
and even though i was the unofficial race photographer for noodle's class, i did manage to sneak over and cheer on burrito as well!
my other adorable athlete!
he looks so intense!
i love this he is checking out his competition and wanting to edge out the lead over his friend!
i think they this was a lap where the kids could walk but not my fierce burrito...he just ran past them!

i tried to get a shot of the whole field.  there were two racetracks set up, one for grades PreK and K, and one for grades 1 &2.
we were all glad it was over!  this is noodle's class celebrating their victory with their senior.

now, if i can just remember next year to NOT send them in good clothes or shoes.  for some reason, every year this is more of a mud run than a fun run.  the kids don't seem to care, but i have a sneaking suspicion that the moms do!

congratulations little runners!