Thursday, September 8, 2011

soccer season is coming

the boys are super excited for their first soccer game of the season coming up this saturday.  we've been practicing since the first of august and the season officially started 2 weeks ago but we had a weekend with no game and then labor day weekend so it feels like it will never start!

the association we play with had a little team parade on opening day that our team participated in, even though we weren't officially playing that day.  the  boys are playing on the same team this season, the monsters, and proudly marched around the soccer field.

burrito is the "O" and noodle is the "N"
i am so excited to watch them play together this season.  they are playing on a much larger field in this age group, and i think that will play to their advantage.  we love our coach who is really great with the boys and is a Christian.  we like to give him something at the end of the season to say thanks for all his hard work and i am thinking this season that i will try and take a great action shot of each boy on the team and make a photo book to give him.  don't you think that would be fun?  i even thought that if i can get it made early enough, i could have each boy autograph their picture.  we will see how that goes....i'll have to remind myself to stop cheering them on and take some pictures.  i get so wrapped up in the game!

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Jason and Kyla said...

Love this! Love that they are playing together. What a great opportunity for some really fun memories. And love your idea for the photo book. That is incredibly sweet. Maybe even sweet enough for me to copy. : )