Friday, September 9, 2011

texas rangers

a few weekends ago we received a call from a sweet friend offering us their tickets to the rangers game.  in one hour!  we love this type of last minute surprise so off we went and had such a great time!  the seats were awesome!  and to sweeten the deal, the rangers were playing the angels, vernon wells' (one of our school dads) team.  it was so funny to watch the boys be so conflicted over who to cheer we want the rangers to win or do we want vernon to win???

this is vernon wells at bat
in 100+ degree heat, a lemon chill never tasted so good!
not a great picture taken with my phone but i just couldn't resist putting it here

well, vernon ended up winning but it was a great game and we had a great time, even though we were sweating to death!

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