Friday, September 16, 2011

labor day john deere races

after seventy 100+ degree days here in texas, labor day was a refreshing 85 degrees.  so how did we celebrate?  we headed to mimi's and poppy's house for lunch and to sit out back and enjoy the beautiful weather!

you might remember me mentioning the best toy we've ever purchased:  the peg perego john deere gator.  it's still alive and kicking after 4+ years and 2 rambunctious boys, but we don't get the opportunity to ride it as much, and now that the boys are older they prefer their bikes.  because we have sweet porkchop (my almost 2yo nephew) now, i knew this would be a great toy for all 3 boys at my parents' house.  so we haphazardly loaded up this thing in the back of our pilot and off to grandmother's house we went.

and i was right.  burrito and noodle LOVED riding the dog out of this thing down there.  it's a good thing we have 2 batteries!  and even porkchop warmed up to the idea of the bigger cousins driving him around.  it didn't take too long for the boys to remember that poppy has a john deere of his own.

and 2 john deeres + 2 boys + one poppy =  john deere races!

it was hysterical to watch them and impossible to decide who was having the most fun.  i took over 200 pictures that day but these are a few of my favorites:
this one is my favorite i think because they are all smiling.  don't miss those kool-aid mustaches!
poppy letting burrito drive.  watch out world!
burrito is LOVING this!
noodle running, or driving rather, for his life!
check out burrito's hair flying in the breeze

porkchop showing me what he found on the patio
i love this picture despite the shadow!

noodle's turn to drive!
porkchop keeping himself entertained with his football
noodle and poppy love
this picture would have been awesome if you could see ALL their heads.
it was so fun to relax and spend time as a family...a perfect day off of work!