Sunday, September 25, 2011

happy (belated) birthday to my sweet hubby

though i am a week late, we do love and treasure our september birthday boy john.  we have celebrated multiple times with friends and family.  we love him so much and are so thankful to God for his humble leadership and shepherding of our family.

john and i celebrated his birthday first with a date to chuy's and starbucks.  and our super sweet and awesome babysitter did not charge us as a birthday present to him.  isn't that awesome!?!?

we celebrated with friends last sunday night by meeting for MORE mexican food and then coming back to eat dessert at our house.

we celebrated with family last night at my parents' house after eating at chuy's (do you see a trend here?  we love our mexican food!) by eating more dessert and spending some relaxing time together.

the boys bought john a bicycle helmet and then made him a coupon to pick out a new bike.  we didn't want to do that without john's input and who can wrap a bike!?!?  the boys love going on bike rides with him and he's always had to jog along, so this really is a good present, ha ha!

john modeling the new helmet and holding the coupon for one free bike!

happy birthday to the best dad and husband ever!  we love you!