Saturday, March 13, 2010


spring break actually started yesterday for burrito so we took full advantage of the day off from school by visiting the newest attraction at our zoo, the museum of living art, or MOLA for short. 

we've watched this being built for months and months and it did not disappoint!  this place is amazing, and we enjoyed all of the exhibits for over an hour.  the boys were amazed by this tank of water that included a saltwater crocodile and a big turtle.
can you find the swimming croc in this picture below?
here's the big saltwater crocodile swimming just above their heads.  i think this is such a cool picture!

and here's one of the big turtles.  i remember the old aquarium exhibit at the zoo when i was a kid, and it was always my favorite part.
if you know me, you know that i am a sucker for anything sentimental.  therefore, i just had to take a picture of the doors going into MOLA...they reused the old snake door handles from the old herpetarium!

we watched this little turtle eat a tomato out of his salad breakfast.
this is a picture of just part of the outside of MOLA that includes other endangered species, including these little red birdies.
i tried to get over my OCD germaphobia and let the boys listen to these little phones that would tell you all you needed to know about various reptiles and amphibians.  all i could think of were all the little bacteria and germs crawling all over those phones!  am i hopeless???

after our visit to MOLA, we set out to see the rest of the zoo.  all of the elephants were out so the boys were excited to see all of them in action (though there's only 1 in this photo!).

every boy that visits the zoo inevitably ends up all over these pretend termite mounds, my 2 boys included!

here are the boys in front of our picture tree (now a stump) at the zoo.  if you don't remember the picture tree story from earlier posts, have no fear, i have plans to do a little "picture tree over the years" post tomorrow!
they're showing me their age in this picture :)
and of course we concluded our 3.5 hour adventure with a ride on the train, complete with our very own longhorn sighting.
oh how i love you my sweet little zoo.  thank you for all the memories from my childhood and now with my very own kids!

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