Tuesday, March 16, 2010

spring break 2010...part 1

spring break is here and we are taking full advantage of this time together.  the boys and i sat down together over the weekend to make a list of some of the fun things we could do this week.  i had the goal and intent of doing things that would be cheap but make lasting memories.  and memories we've already made!

we flew kites on a beautiful sunday afternoon.  the boys had never done this before and were totally obsessed about doing it.  and when i say totally obsessed i am not kidding...like these were the first words out of their mouths in the morning.  it wasn't the windiest of days but we flew kites and the obsession has passed.

sometimes it took 3 of us to get it up in the air!  and the kite the boys both picked out...a bakugan kite.  we own several bakugans, and i still don't exactly understand what they are but the boys love them.  if you know and understand bakugans, please clue me in!

we have a few favorite thrift shops we like to frequent and we always pass this park that has this huge climbing apparatus that looks like a spider web.  well, let me just show you:

we've never had time to stop before but we thought we would today.  the boys loved the spider web but were quickly drawn to the little creek just behind the playground.  burrito was down to the creek before i could even get over there to stop him and noodle was about to do the same until he realized how steep the descent was.  so john went over and helped him down to cross the creek on some little rocks.  once noodle made it to the rocks, john let go of his hand to cross the rocks on his own.  before i could get the words out to tell john to keep holding noodle's hand, what i knew would happen did:  he lost his footing and fell into the creek.  and in typical noodle fashion, he froze.  it was like he couldn't move.  john quickly scooped him up but the damage had been done.  the wailing ensued and we quickly scooted out of there.  poor noodle, he just can't stand being dirty.  we felt bad for him but couldn't help but laugh!

and burrito embarked on yet another new adventure today...riding his bike without training wheels!  he was so excited and learned how to do it in less than 5 minutes.  i was amazed.  these pictures show john helping some, and i think i must have been so in shock to see burrito ride without assistance that i forgot to actually get a picture of that!  my baby is growing up and i don't like it!

we can't wait for more spring break fun!  i love making these memories for our family.

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