Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break 2010 Randomness Part 2

now that we have entered back into reality and out of spring break glory, i now sort of have the time to share about the rest of our spring break.

what else did we do?

we, well maybe i should say john, removed all the nasty moldy bushes on the side of the house that we've hated since the day we moved in almost 3 years ago.  he assures me the st. augustine grass will grow in before i know it.  we'll see but i'm just glad to see those bushes go!  hooray!

here's an after picture:
if you know me, then you know i LOVE to rearrange.  my husband, not so much.  and our bedroom furniture is way too beastly for me to scooch around the room on my own.  and probably not something wise to do 2 months out of having abdominal surgery.  so i finally talked him into helping and guess what....he loves it!  i love it when that happens!

here's a before pic.  our bed was by the door and the dresser was between the windows.

and here's a couple of after pics.  we really like the bed by the windows and based on the placing of the electrical outlets, we think this arrangement is what was probably originally intended.

it snowed.  yep, that's right.  70 degrees one day, snow the next, and then upper 60's the next.  and i wonder why we're sick all the time.  but i still love you texas.
i was excited to try out the new aldi grocery store.  they had these in philly when john lived there for seminary and i am one that loves low prices.  TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!  i was seriously so upset over my whole experience there i had to fight a bad attitude the rest of the afternoon.  now part of my bad experience was my fault and i recognize that.  we went on a saturday afternoon and they had only been open for 4 days.  everyone else thought it would be a good idea to check them out too.  so here's the skinny if you haven't checked them out yet:  you have to insert a quarter into the shopping basket to use it and you retrieve your quarter when you return it to the shopping basket corral.  weird and annoying.  if you have a problem returning the cart already then i don't think a QUARTER is enough motivation for you to change.  they only carry their store brands on everything.  there are only 5 aisles to the whole store.  they don't carry every grocery item you might need...just the basics.  you have to purchase the grocery bags to put your food into after you check out.  and you have to bag your groceries yourself after you've paid for them up at the front of the store along with the hordes of people doing the same thing.  just not the best thing to have to do if you have more than one kid.  and they don't take checks or credit cards.  i had NO CLUE about any of this before going there and after waiting in line for 20 minutes to check out and then to find out these things TOTALLY rubbed me the wrong way.  and their prices were not that low.  i never thought i would hear myself say this (or see myself type this) but i like walmart better!  just my 2 cents.
we seriously thought about moving and buying a foreclosure.  there is an appealing grant program offered right now that we heard about on the news.  am i crazy for even considering it?
i got a new orange purse.  orange is my favorite color right now.  for everything.

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