Tuesday, March 30, 2010

donkey basketball 2010

last night was the return of donkey basketball to our school.  last year's event was the first and was such a hit, the tradition continues on.  this year's competition consisted of four teams:  the pre-grammar/grammar school teachers (pink), the logic school teachers (blue), the rhetoric school teachers (blue and white stripes), and the physics class comprised of students (green).
john was the mvp from last year's game so the expectations were riding high!  we even invited some friends from church to cheer him on!  we watched the physics team lose to the rhetoric school in the first game.
next up was the blue team versus the pink team.  we made posters cheering on the blue team.  don't laugh at my loose, artistic interpretation of a donkey!
they introduced each member of the blue team.  these were the first four players to start the first game.
these action shots are a little blurry but they are full of action!  i was surprised at how scrappy some of these teachers were! john is right in the middle of this picture with the red helmet on.
here's a picture of john making a shot.  he made all 3 shots of the first game, which led his team to victory!  before the last 2 games were played, there was an intermission in which the kids at the game had the opportunity to ride a donkey down the court.

the last two games decided which place each team earned.  the first game was between the pink and the green teams, and the pink prevailed.  we were cheering for the pink team in this game because they represented burrito's school.  and the final game was between the blue team and the striped team and the blue team WON!!!  we were so proud of john!  i guess i was so busy cheering on the team that i didn't get any pictures of the final game.  i've heard that there is some embarrasing footage of my wild screaming at the game, oh dear!  i get a little passionate at these things! 

but i did remember to take a picture of the final score!

so hooray for another year of donkey basketball!  we loved every second of it and were glad to share it with friends!

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