Friday, November 20, 2009

burrito's thanksgiving feast

my parents did not own a video camera back when i was a child. you know, back in the dark ages, ha! we have LOTS of pictures but no video. with one exception. when i was in kindergarten, we had a thanksgiving feast where some dressed as pilgrims and some dressed as indians, and we all ate lots of food.

for whatever reason, the local news channel sent a crew out to our school to shoot some video and air it on the news that night. and yes, there is video of me, stuffing my face full of food on the news.

my parents loved to pull out this video to show to all of my teenage friends in high school. i was always mortified. but now i am so grateful for it. i plan to dig it out on thanksgiving day when we are at my parents' house to show my boys. i think they will love to see me as a 5 year old. i think it is so fun that 27 years later, my 5 year old is doing the same thing.

here's burrito, or maybe i should say squanto at the feast. i was an indian too.

pilgrims + indians + teacher = fun!

now we are anticipating thursday and the real feast we will have with family. and a side note: if you read yesterday's post you'll be glad to know the turkey survived today!


Louanne said...

that's so cute

Jacquelyn said...

I didn't know that there were Ritz crackers and strawberries at the first Thanksgiving! Thanks for posting pictures of T celebrating the feast.